Table Type B Class Autoclave Sterilizer REXMED RAU-325

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    Table Type B Class Autoclave RAU-325

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    MOD. RAU-325, AC 230V, Current: 15A, Power consumption: 1.8KW, Plug type: , Table Type B Class Autoclave, HS CODE: 841920, UNCCS CODE: 481410, UNSPSC CODE: 42281500, 42281508, 42281530, UMDNS CODE: 16142, GMDN CODE: 35686, Main construction: SS304, powder coated steel and ABS, Control: Microprocessor control with LCD display, Program: 5 programs (B 134 / B 134 Prion / B134 Flash / B121, Clean steam generator), 2 test programs (B&D / Helix test, Vacuum / Leak test), STER Time: 04/18/20 min, DRY Time: 02/09/18 min, Pre-vacuum times: 1/3 times, Cool air release: Yes, Designed temperature: 140°C / 284°F, Sterilizing Temperature: 121/134°C, 249.8/273.2°F, Designed pressure: 4kg/cm² / 3.92bar / 56.9psi, Sterilizing pressure: 1.2/2.1kg/cm², 1.18~2.06bar, 17.1~29.9psi, Pressure indicator: LCD screen, Chamber size: 24.5x45cm SS304, Chamber capacity: 21 liters, Auto dry: Yes, Vacuum drying: Yes, Auto add water: Yes, Water reservoir: Clean water tank: 3.5 liters, Used water tank: 4 liters, Water consumption per cycle: 600c.c., Safety device: Thermal cut-off, safety valve 2.60 bar, emergency ON/OFF switch, water level control, pressure control switch, temperature control switch, low and high water alarm, pressure sensor, fuse, Door interlock: Yes, Printer: Optional, Record storage: USB storage up to 50 records, W/S: SS304 sterilizing tray x 3pcs, tray holder (both for 5 trays and 3 trays) x 1pc, extractor pincer x 1pc, SS304 strainer x 2pcs, water drain tube x 2pcs, 15A fuse x 2pcs, silicone door seal x 1pc, door adjustment spanner x 1pc

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