Emergency Treatment Unit REXMED RTU-705

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    Treatment Unit REXMED RTU-705

    Key Features

    MOD. RTU-705, AC 110/230V, Current: 10/5A, Power consumption: 200W, Plug type: , Emergency Treatment Unit with handle, anti-collision bumper, 4 castors with 2 lockable castors, HS CODE: 901920, UNCCS CODE: 381548, UNSPSC CODE: 42192404, 42192401, UMDNS CODE: 10644, GMDN CODE: 40542, Main construction: SS304, Light: 1pc x snake hose lamp 76cm, Bulb specifications: Halogen OSRAM 12V 35W x 1pc, Vacuum pump: 200W 1/4HP, oil-less single piston pump with overload protection, Bottle: 2pcs x 1,000c.c. graduated at 100c.c. autoclavable at 130°C plastic bottle with silicone rubber seal, Max. suction: 0~-680/-720 mm/Hg, Vacuum control: Needle valve, Vacuum indicator: 0~-760 mm/Hg graduated at 10 cm/Hg Bourdon tube type gauge, Vacuum flow: 0~40 liter/min, Compressor pump: No, Compressor tank: No, Compressor tank indicator: No, Water drain bottle for compressor tank: No, Max. pressure: No, Pressure control: No, Pressure indicator: No, Spray gun: No, Ventilation system: No, Anti-fog device: No, Safety device: Water stop device, disposable bacterial filter >99.999% (0.3 micron) and fuse, Base: Anti-collision bumper, 4 castors with 2 lockable castors, Control: ON/OFF switch and indicator for snake hose halogen lamp, ON/OFF switch, indicator and suction regulator for suction, W/S: multi-functional hanger x 4pcs, stainless steel square instrument box with cover x 1pc, stainless steel big round cotton pot with cover x 2pcs, stainless steel small round cotton pot with cover (6cm) x 4pcs, stainless steel square instrument tray (25x33cm) x 2pcs, stainless steel movable writing board (30x37cm) x 1pc, emergency CPR board (39x60cm) x 1pc, stainless steel tongue depressor storage slot x 1pc, stainless steel big depositing box x 1pc, drawers with key lock (small drawer with acrylic partition x 2pcs, big drawer x 1pc), 500L Oxygen cylinder x 2pcs, pressure gauge and regulator, flow meter, humidifier bottle and oxygen mask x 1set, air way (small and large) x 1set, power output socket x 3pcs, suction tube (180cm) x 1pc, suction catheter x 1pc, suction bottle observation light x 1pc, filter (big) x 1pc, spare fuse x 2pcs

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